Friday, May 11, 2007

Airstrike, Oh My!

So I've heard from several of you about the recent uprising via airstrike in Colombo, where I am about to move. This post is to quell your concerns. I am not worried about this recent turn of events for two reasons: 1) only one person and one dog were killed in this attack; 2) I've been reassured by a total stranger on the Thorn Tree (Travel Forum on that the Tamil Tigers only have light aircraft, which means they can't go far or for very long.

I'm sure you are saying to yourself, "isn't one person dead a big deal." I'm of course very sorry for this person and his family, but in the big scheme of things, no, it isn't a big deal. I currently live in SE, Washington, DC! The reports out of Colombo say this guy was shot because he went outside to see what the noise was. This implies that people in Colombo are so safe they don't even know what gunfire sounds like. Believe me, I know what gunfire sounds like. I would not go outside if I heard it.

Yes, it is a concern that fighting has now reached the capital and I guess also a concern that they have aircrafts now. Even though I will be working there, I will still be considered a tourist, and no tourists have been injured in the more than 30 years of fighting. That is because tourism is a huge part of Sri Lanka's economy and no one wants to ruin that. This is a war about minority rights, it isn't really about religion and it definitely is not against Western values. I will not be sought after to make a point. So don't worry, really.


jimbo said...

Yes, but you're not SuperGirl, and we would be sad if you were kidnapped and tortured, no matter how tough or wise you are it could happen, so be careful, especially in the remote reserves!

My coworker is from Colombo and gave me the 411 on the Tamil Tigers.

Just be alert and don't get cocky, OK?

Jessica L. said...

I won't be cocky. I understand I have to be careful -- I don't want to be kidnapped or anything either believe me! I'm just reassuring the masses.