Friday, July 6, 2007

First Impressions

O.k. I do know the power of a blog is reaching the masses in a succinct way, but I just have too much to say to actually be succinct. So you can skim as much as you like, but I'm going to write all I have to say.

So I'm settling into life in Sri Lanka rather well if I do say so myself. Yesterday I took on the adventure of taking the public bus to my bank on the other side of town. Very exciting, particularly because I had no clue when to get off and couldn't see anything. If you think the metro is overcrowded in DC during rush hour, you don't know how lucky you are. The buses here are like being packed into a can of sardines. Clearly the money takers know this is not what Westerners are used to as one guy actually wouldn't let me on the bus yesterday because it was too crowded (meanwhile, he let another three Sri Lankans on). But the buses run very frequently, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I did get on the wrong bus at first, but luckily all buses from my side of town eventually end up at Galle Road, which is where I needed to go, but the bus I boarded went way further south than I needed.

I also went grocery shopping yesterday. I did a rather poor job, but I did find coffee (ginger coffee at that!) and peanut butter. I find it utterly fascinating how much peanut butter I eat when I'm abroad. Seriously, I like peanut butter, but it isn't like I eat it regularly in the States. In fact, my jars in the States tend to be used for Thai food or peanut soup more than sandwiches. As soon as I leave the U.S., however, I start to crave it. So I found it at Food City. Those of you who heard my constant cries for peanut butter when I was in Kazakhstan can rest at ease that the same will not occur here.

Groceries-wise, I'm fairly certain I can find just about anything I want. Crista (roommate) found beans and plantains! She made a Guatemalan meal my first night here for her going away party.

For lunch I've been going to the bakery next to the office for curry and rice. You know how people always complain that portions are too big in the States, well we have nothing on this bakery. I'm going to have to start bringing lunch in order to keep from wasting so much food. [I brought a peanut butter sandwich and a mango for lunch today.]

Everyday around 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. they bring us tea. The tea here has a lot of milk (yeah) and a lot of sugar (boo). Fortunately, it tastes really good, but seriously I could do without the extra sugar. It is a really nice pick-me-up though.

Thus far I'm finding Sri Lanka very much like India, but without the cow overcrowding. There are a ton of dogs. In fact, in the cricket field in front of the house there is a litter of puppies who are very cute to watch in the evening while they play with each other.

At some point over the weekend I will provide some information on the pilgrimage I'm going on next week!


Jane said...

Hi Jessica,

We miss you terribly here at RTC! Ben took hours to collate and send a simple mailing! It's too quiet around here now -- please send some audio which we can play in the background during work hours. Have a blast on your pilgrimage. Post photos.

Jen k said...

Adopt a puppy! Adopt a puppy! Adopt a puppy!

Or at least take picturs of the litter for us. And I hope you blog more about food -- especially any interesting desserts and pastries you come across.