Monday, September 17, 2007

Warning: A Defenseless Animal Perishes in this Post

Yesterday, on the way back from Kalutara where we are hosting a coastal restoration workshop, we killed a dog. The driver saw the dog, but he honked his horn rather than slow down and try to stop, and thus the dog had no chance. The driver didn't even swerve. I can still see the sad eyes of this dog as we hit him. Then, the driver did not stop to see if the animal was suffering and determine if we could do anything. I was in shock as is a common reaction for me when I don't believe what just happened. I cannot ride with this driver again. I had nightmares all night. I can't remember ever being part of an animal's death via automobile (or any random death actually). If I have been in a vehicle when an animal was hit, I have suppressed this memory -- I sincerely hope I can do so with this episode also.

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