Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Thoughts

I've had a string of negative posts, and you guys seem to think these posts mean I'm miserable so I'm countering with a happy post. Honestly, you would think I never complained in the States (which I know is not true).

Anyway, ten things I love about Sri Lanka:

#10 -- I'm quite fond of string hoppers and dal in the morning even though I'm too lazy to actually make this meal for myself.

#9 -- Bicycling here is not nearly as frustrating as in the States and generally quite enjoyable. Plus, sometimes, you don't even have to lock your bike, which brings me to...

#8 -- People seem very honest. I haven't heard of too many people getting robbed and you never hear about assaults -- definitely safer than Kazakhstan (though maybe not in the north, what with the war and all).

#7 -- Everything is very colorful. I especially enjoy seeing women in very colorful saris walking about and the brightly painted boats and tuks.

#6 -- Tropical fruit. 'Nuf said.

#5 -- Cheap clothes. 'Nuf said.

#4 -- Old ladies who tell it like it is -- I like it when people get older and stop trying to be nice and start being straight forward.

#3 -- How photogenic everything is and how willing people are to have their photo taken.

#2 -- The biodiversity -- seriously this is a wildlife conservationist's dream come true.

and #1 -- The intense beauty of Sri Lanka. This is an incredibly breathtaking country (outside of Colombo). So diverse, so interesting, so vivid. This reason alone is sometimes enough to make me very happy I am here.

So there you go, one extremely happy post.

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