Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How Clean is Your Power?

So I found this really cool website that tells you how clean power plants are around the world. Although the U.S. didn't make the top ten list for individual power plants, our overall record is pretty abysmal.

But I doubt anyone will have a clean record (o.k. maybe Iceland) with the way most countries produce electricity these days.

You can check your individual state and even zip code. It is a pretty incredible site.
Out of 104 plants in Sri Lanka, 22 are at crisis stage. Here is Sri Lanka's chart:

Tons CO2 MWh Energy
% Fossil % Hydro

% other
2000: 1,214,372 3,599,537 675 11.7 88.07

Present: 2,271,368 4,677,345 971 23.37 73.51

Future: 18,000,000
19,600,000 1,828 75.01 22.62


I deleted the nuclear column as Sri Lanka doesn't have any. Yes, the future looks quite bleak.

You can also read a very sad article about how if we don't start reducing our reliance on unclean energy, we will, in fact, destroy ourselves. Enjoy!

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