Saturday, November 17, 2007

Karma Got Me

Well this is what happens when one spends the morning complaining on-line about roommates, cleaning ladies and dinner friends. Karma comes and kicks you in the butt.

Or in my case, pushes you off your bike. That is right, I have officially had my first wipe-out. And I can't even blame anyone else. It was totally and completely my stupidity -- as my wipe-outs tend to be actually.

I was biking back from the Commons where I ate way too much (I had dessert, which was a bad decision). I turned from Dehiwala to my little lane (thank goodness I was almost home) and I was complaining audibly about how rude the drivers are as one just let me sit in the middle of the road rather than slow down a bit and let me turn when I slid on some sand. Actually, my foot slipped on the pedal (seeing the benefits to clips right now) and then I slid on the sand. My entire right side now has road burn on it with a really, really nasty raspberry on my knee. My knee hurts a lot, actually.

This does beg the question of why someone decided that our lane (which is paved) needed to be covered in sand? They did this months ago and as soon as I saw it I thought how treacherous it will be on my bike. I have a childhood trauma thing that relates to loose gravel on the road (that is why my front tooth is chipped).

Don't worry, I'm fully stocked with Neosporin (with pain relief!), bandages and what not, so it is all cleaned up and dressed now. As I said, luckily I was almost home. And I wasn't carrying my camera -- just newly purchased Christmas presents which were all plush, so no breakage (why couldn't I have fallen on my bag?).

So this will teach me to complain about everything. Or will it?

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jimbo said...

If what you say is true it explains all the road rash I get on a near-monthly basis. So much so I made a Flickr set of all of my wipeouts:

It's amazing I'm still alive. Karma has been diligent with me.