Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Prep

O.k. I'm incapable, apparently, of allowing Christmas to pass without some decorating. I mean, I'm going home, there is no need for a tree. But even in D.C. I had a small tree and also went home every year.My tree isn't anything special here. When Jodi left, she bequeathed me several large sheets of paper and while I was sitting around a few weeks ago I folded some stars. Sunday I found a string of lights in the house. That kind of cemented the idea of a tree.I definitely did not want to actually spend money on this, so I decided to find a branch. This isn't actually easy since they burn everything fairly regularly. This wasn't a branch, it was an uprooted, dead tree (I didn't do the uprooting -- I found it this way). Our security guard cut the roots off for me.

So now we have a tree. Aya, a staunch Buddhist, was so happy to see it. I think she has thanked me about 10 times and she plugs in the lights every time she comes downstairs.
This little guy was also excited. He came out to see the lights when I turned them on. He was in the garage can -- the geckos here love our garbage.

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Meghan said...

That is the coolest tree ever - beautiful!