Friday, December 21, 2007

Ten Most Underreported Humanitarian Stories of 2007

Doctors without Borders has released their list of the ten most underreported humanitarian stories of 2007 - Sri Lanka's conflict is on the list. Actually the civilians who get caught in the cross fire are on the list. As they mention on their website, this conflict has been going on for 25 years with very little media attention. I think that may be because Sri Lanka is also in the top five most dangerous places for journalists.

Tonight I leave. I'll be back, but I have to admit I'm looking forward to two weeks of "reality." It will be nice to once again answer when someone says "hello" and to walk down the street without everyone staring at me (the staring doesn't really bother me, it is the catcalls, the teeth sucking, the whistles and clapping that really make me angry). It will be a comfort to not see the military on every corner and to know when I have to show the contents of my bag and when they are just pestering me because I'm different. It will be a joy to know the price of things and to know that I'm not being over-charged due to the color of my skin or the belief of some imaginary wealth. Plus, it will be nice to see my family and friends.

So I may not write very much while I'm home. What would I write?

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Jen K said...

Just a "getting back to the Internet after Christmas" post to say HI!!!! And...what day and when are we all getting together at Teaism? I can't remember, but I plan on being there. :)