Monday, March 31, 2008

The World Turns Over a New Leaf

Today, there is peace. The warring nations, tribes, people, etc. have decided that fighting is not the answer and to actually practice what they tell their children.

Since there is no chance for future wars, all the nations of the world are pooling their defense budgets to provide food, clothing, education (through college) and other necessities to the world's poor.

Also, humans have decided that we have to share this planet with the animal and plant life and to stop over-consuming and actually protect what little habitat remains.

We've all made a collective promise to start eating better (which doesn't mean giving up chocolate cake), to get more exercise and to walk/bike/skate etc. rather than drive when appropriate.

The drivers of the world have given up their fight for world domination and are now willing to share the roadways with cyclists (and in Sri Lanka with pedestrians).

Developed nations have now recognized that they do actually consume a great deal of the world's resources and have promised to cut back. They have started by banning bottled water and by establishing public water fountains in key locations to satisfy public thirst.

Developing nations have recognized that they are actually quite blessed to house the majority of the planet's biodiversity and have vowed to protect all species within their borders from harm.

We all suddenly realize that yes, one person turning off their lights and driving less will not make a dent in climate change, but if we all did it, well then we might actually accomplish something.

Ha, Happy April Fool's Day! Wouldn't it be nice though?

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