Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pain at the Pump

Warning: I get a bit preachy in this post.Seriously people, is this really news? Didn't you all take economics in high school? I'm probably the most ignorant person in the world when it comes to business, but even I understand the law of supply and demand.

Yet, I've been noticing that all my newsy podcasts have a story about the rising cost of oil. I know I complain about the cost of tuks here, but that is not completely related to the price of oil. Doubling the price for a ride is just taking advantage of the situation. I can't even count the number of conversations I've had with tuk drivers that involves the driver telling me that I'm from America and thus, can afford to pay more. Remember a ride into and then out of town is more than I make in a day, so transportation is a serious portion of my paycheck.

That is why I have a bike.

I don't actually think any elected officials read my blog, but just in case: you are not helping the situation by suggesting we drill more! Seriously people could we please use our brains.

Sri Lanka has asked Lanka IOC to lower their diesel prices
. Sri Lanka is quasi socialist, if you are wondering.

Anyway, with all this news of rising oil prices is news of rising temperatures. Not sure how people can complain about gas prices while the rest of the world is in a serious food crisis and natural disasters abound.
Just a reminder that a bicycle can actually take you very far.

I would like to congratulate you -- driving dropped to 2005 levels in the U.S. (according to Slate's political gabfest podcast for June 20, 2008). This is pretty huge since the population has increased by 8 million since then! You are biking! According to the U.S. Department of Transportation this means "that greenhouse gas emissions fell by an estimated 9 million metric tons for the first quarter of 2008." Yeah!
I'm a little worried about our agriculture in the U.S. Last year we had a bee crisis -- this year we have a bat crisis. Our pollinators are taking turns dying of unidentifiable diseases. Hmm.

I promise random thoughts and I deliver.

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