Saturday, July 26, 2008

Five hours and twenty minutes, and counting...

I leave for the airport in a little more than an hour. I'm sort of packed. I have to readjust because my backpack isn't fitting inside my duffel very well. Basically I have three pieces of luggage, but only enough stuff for one, so I'm trying to fit everything inside one bag. It will work, but not with everything packed inside the backpack.

I'm sure you care about my packing issues.

I spent the morning trying to put everything that has been left in the house in one room. I failed. There is a cabinet upstairs that I'm just unwilling to empty out. I'm sure that will be o.k. Everything else in in the living room and dining room. I really do not envy the person that has to move everything.

So tonight I'll be in Delhi. Yeah!

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