Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ice Cream Makes It All Better

So if you couldn't tell from my entry earlier today, I was having a relatively bad day. So I bought some ice cream to make me feel better. I've only bought ice cream here once before, because it is too hot to actually get home without it melting. We have a new Arpico in town and they have new freezers, so I thought it might be more frozen than in our sad little Laugfs. It made it home, but our miserable little freezer can't handle the responsibility. So I've eaten half the liter in hopes of not wasting too much.

And I feel much better now. Thank you. I'll try to keep my racist rantings to myself from now on.

I bought Butter Pecan, which is totally not a Jessica flavor. I was completely taken in by the pecans and they are indeed making me happy. I can't say I've ever bought Butter Pecan before.

17 days left in a few hours!

So I just found this dancing guy on the net. Some gum company paid him to travel the world and do his little dance! Why can't I be so blessed? I'm hereby announcing that I am entertaining sponsorship proposals for my wild and crazy four-month adventure through Nepal and India (notice Tibet is out -- China is being unreasonable, but they may come around before I leave). I don't know what my gimmick would be (clearly dancing is taken), so if you have an idea let me know.

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