Wednesday, July 23, 2008


You may have noticed that the "Quote of the Day" feature has changed (if you haven't, it was in the box to the right). Here is the deal, I'm going to be traveling soon and I'll be paying for each minute of internet use. Thus, I've decided these extraneous features on my blog are no longer necessary. Instead, I will be using twitter to provide minute-by-minute updates of my adventures.

I actually signed up for Twitter last year and then never used it. I signed up so that while I was away from Colombo I could still provide updates via cell phone. But my cell phone didn't work with Twitter.

There is no guarantee that my service will allow this in India and Nepal, but I am going into this with a positive attitude.

So the hope here is once I purchase a phone (yes, I know, no lectures) I'll be able to update without ever finding an internet cafe. Pretty snazzy eh?

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heidi said...

I never got Twitter to work with my cell in Sri Lanka earlier this year, but I was able to use it with sms from Bombay and Delhi. There is a short code for India: In India, use 5566511 for Twitter.