Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hate Sri Lanka?

O.k. apparently I'm giving the impression here in my blog that I hate Sri Lanka. So I just want to set the record straight that I actually really like it here. Just as drivers on American roads can make me curse like a sailor, there are things that irritate me here. I'm hoping that eventually I'll get over them, or find a way to make peace with them (don't worry, I won't start spitting on people). Sri Lanka is beautiful and when you can get out of Colombo, very pleasant. So I'm off for a pleasant week away from the hub-bub.

I do tend to treat this blog as my own personal rant. So I'm probably going to have to start reminding myself that people who know me actually read this and remember to share the positive things too.

Oh, and I still feel everyone should come visit. This is a wonderful tourist destination and really you have to see it to believe it (trust me, my photos are not doing it justice). Plus, I need an excuse to go see some tourist sights rather than just our projects (though the two do blend occasionally -- hopefully I'll see something interesting in Arugum Bay this weekend!).


Meghan said...

you bet your ass i'm coming to visit! How about next September? (seriously).

Jessica L. said...

I'm down with that. I'll have figured out all the cool places to bike by then!