Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Just in case you are actually reading this on a regular basis and wonder how I could possibly go an entire week without writing anything, I thought I'd warn you that yours truly will be taking a week off starting tomorrow. I'm going to Tangalle for the weekend. That was the original plan, to be gone Friday afternoon through Tuesday morning (Tuesday is Poya so we have the day off). Then Adith from Galle suggested I stay in Tangalle and he will meet me Wed. to introduce me to the southern offices. So I said that was fine (figure I'll save some money on transport as this is now a work trip). Then Harshana asked if I would please accompany him to Ampara tomorrow. Thus I will be going to Tangalle via Ampara and returning via Matara and Galle (if you look at a map you'll note the Ampara portion is well out of the way). I won't be back to Colombo until late Thursday night, so there will be no entries in the blog. Be prepared for a huge entry on Friday, as I'm sure to have some good stories after that crazy trip.

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