Thursday, October 18, 2007

Delhi Belly and Potty Talk

You had to know this would happen eventually. I mean everyone living abroad has to talk incessantly about their bowel movements so why should I be any different.

Yesterday I had a mild case of Delhi Belly. I think it should be called Boralesgamuwa Tummy, but that doesn't have as nice of a ring. Luckily when I say mild I mean it. Just one rush in the morning (I'm desperately trying to not be graphic) before my run to the post office and then one in the late afternoon, which I used as an excuse to go home early (so I could use my home toilet).

And here is the real point of this post, I hate the toilets here. Actually, the toilets themselves are not the problem, it is the fact that they are always covered in water. This is because instead of toilet paper Sri Lankans use a hose and this inevitably gets water everywhere. And since I can't be sure this water is indeed only water, I'm forced to hover. This wouldn't bother me if it was only at work and when I'm out and about, but since my roommate is Sri Lankan it occurs at home too. Hovering at home sucks! When you have even a mild case of Delhi Belly, having to hover just makes me irritated.

I can't believe I'm putting this in writing because it probably won't happen, but Manurie is looking for her own place. Her husband is supposed to move to Colombo (there is a long story associated with her sister's return from Australia that I won't go into). He can't stay at the hostel with her and if he moves to Colombo there is no reason for her to stay anyway. So I may have a dry toilet seat in the very near future. Of course, Manurie has gone through about eight different life plans since I met her, so I'm sure this will not materialize. Still a dry seat is nice to dream about.

In other news, there has been no news about the east. I think the situation is contained, but we are still not rushing to visit. I was really hoping to get in a camping trip in Yala soon, but I guess I'll put that on hold for a while. Still, we have to go to Arugambay at some point -- we will continue to monitor the situation.

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Ivanna said...

sorry to hear about your Delhi Belly. I have to say your dream of a dry toilet seat cracked me up..I think you may want to add a porta-potty of some sort to your wish list. I considered it :)