Monday, December 3, 2007

Biking in Bali

So did you hear that the Indonesian government is baning automobiles for the Climate Change Conference? Oh yeah, and they are providing bikes for people to get around!

I love this idea. They mentioned that they are trying to counter some of the CO2 they will produce. All those delegates flying all those miles, ground transportation is really just the tip of the iceberg, but I'm 100% for forcing everyone to get around on their own energy once they can. They have suggested delegates pack light clothing.

Problem is, when people get to that level in their career, no matter what field, they tend to forget to practice what they preach. I bet more than half of the official delegates (probably some of the NGO reps too, I'm not biased) haven't been on a bicycle since they were kids. It is a shame because this failure to actually try to live sustainably is what the naysayers always point to when they fail to win their argument against taking action on scientific and economic grounds. Oh well.

Did anyone else notice that, outside of Christmas, there was a subtle theme throughout the comics page on Sunday? Maybe just me:

And this one for all the vegetarians out there because it is too hilarious:

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