Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm an Idiot!

So yesterday I was uploading my photos to edit and my computer stalled. I restarted my computer and looked in my photo file for the last photo. It was there, so I figured they were all there.

Well, they were not all there. I actually only got 30 out of 100, but for some reason the last six or seven were saved with the first 23. I'm so mad at myself. Why did I feel the need to delete off my card without editing the photos first? Why would I do that?

So this means there are very few photos from this month's Poya. I took a lot of very cute pictures of children (the temple was swarming with them), but they have gone to that big recycling bin in the sky.

Meanwhile, today I started a 12-week course as directed by the book
Artist's Way. Every morning I have to write three pages. I can write about anything, but I have to write three pages and I have to write every morning. Maybe this will cause me to be better about not writing so much here.

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