Friday, January 25, 2008

It's a Squirrel!

I just wanted to announce that my palm squirrel, the one that made a nest in my room, has had a baby. The baby seems quite big, so I assume the baby was born several weeks ago. He/she is still not sure about his/her climbing ability because when mom left yesterday, the baby didn't feel confident enough to leave with her. Leaving requires jumping from the top of the curtain to the vents above the window. So instead the baby spent the next half an hour exploring my curtain. I'm taking suggestions for what I should call the baby. E-mail or leave a comment if you have a suggestion.Apparently this building a nest inside is not unique (or special, as I was thinking). The cleaning lady (yes, she is now coming regularly -- yeah!) pulled a giant squirrels nest out of Barbara's window. We are all very hopeful that that one wasn't being used because now it has been disturbed (and is sitting on another window's ledge -- I'm not sure why we didn't put it back in Barbara's room).


Nilusha said...

It's really cool to have a baby squirrel around...Use google to find a classic/ hip name.

Jen K said...

I vote for "Pip." Not sure why...just came to me in a fit of "Great Expectations."