Monday, March 17, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

So I really overdid the coffee in Indonesia. I suffered from an intense headache both Friday and Saturday due to no coffee (Sri Lankans are strictly tea people) at Islander. Going from coffee every other hour throughout the day to no coffee (they weren't even giving us caffeinated tea!) was just too difficult.

I seem to be over that. Of course, I am back on the juice!

My nephew turned two on Saturday. He refuses to talk to me. I've called I think maybe four times and each and every time he turns suddenly shy. I feel terribly neglected. At least I can call my sister's answering machine and hear him laugh (he has a very cute laugh).

The sad news today is that I am not going to India. Basically despite my constant pestering, nothing happened while I was gone and now it is too late to arrange things. I looked up cheap hotels, found cheap plane tickets, got a discounted rate to the conference -- all my coworker had to do was get it all approved. He of course, did not, and now there is no way to get a visa in time.

The good news is now I get to go to the party in A'bay this weekend. This weekend is a four-day holiday, so Dawn (new U.S. citizen working at Sewalanka) arranged a big blow-out to bring tourists to A'bay (since there are none right now). Yes, I am finally going to get to go on one of these tours that I'm supposed to help market. Dawn somehow got them to tell her the prices even! I need to learn what her secret is to get people to actually do what she asks -- the same people completely ignore me when I ask, and I do ask repeatedly (and politely).

Jen G. had a book quiz on her blog several weeks ago that I did, but keep forget to mention. What book am I:

You're Brave New World!
by Aldous Huxley
With an uncanny ability for predicting the future, you are a true psychic. You can see how the world will change and illuminate the fears of future generations. In the world to come, you see the influence of the media, genetic science, drugs, and class warfare. And while all this might make you happy, you claim the right to be unhappy. While pregnancy might seem painful, test tube babies scare you most. You are obsessed with the word "pneumatic".

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

I can't stop with just one quiz, so I had to see what country I am:

You're India!
A great thinker and leader, you have a great deal of power despite being really poor. You like movies, cows, and you probably are a vegetarian and may even be a pacifist. You've probably been moving away from pacifism lately, though, as you get more and more defensive that everyone around you is trying to hurt you. How about a nice game of chess?

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid

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