Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Travel and Maybe Some Fun

So I'm off tomorrow for Arugambay. I was only going to go for the weekend, but then it was pointed out to me that I have to back east on Friday, so now I'm staying for the week. This means you might not hear from me before April.

Why, you may ask, do I need to be in the east on Friday. Well, back in December/January when I complained that I didn't have enough to do, the powers-that-be decided I should do a photography workshop in all the districts. You may remember that originally Jodi suggested they send me out to the districts to take photos, but the powers-that-be decided I should just teach every one else how to take nice shots (because apparently you can do that in one day).

Anyway, Friday, March 28th is my first workshop. It is in Batticaloa -- I've never been to Batti so I'm rather excited. All week I've been working on my PowerPoints that I actually created months ago. I'm not sure how qualified I am to do this workshop, but since it is only one day I'm not too worried. I'm just concentrating on composition -- all the offices have automatic cameras anyway, so getting into aperture and white balance is a bit useless.

But this weekend promises to be fun, which is good because I'm still upset about India. It hit me today that the reason my coworker didn't try to push India through was because he didn't want to go. Nice.

Dick and Barbara are now coming to A'bay, so there will be a nice crowd of people that I actually know. I am so excited to finally, finally get to do a CEGA Tour. I'll be highly disappointed if it rains all weekend and I don't get to see the ruins.

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