Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rhinos and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

Despite the title, I didn't see a tiger or a bear. I did, however, see a one-horned rhino. We were on elephants and he was just sitting in a pond while it rained. Since it was raining, that photo isn't going to be very good (just a warning). Also, in case you are wondering, elephants are not comfortable transportation. And they are prickly.

Yep, it rained our first day in Chitwan, but it was sunny the second. Oh course, we saw a lot more in the rain than on the sunny day. We saw that rhino. We saw rhesus monkeys (which you can see at the temples, but it nice to see them in their natural habitat) and we saw a spotted deer run away (oh wait, that was on the dry day).

The resort, I use that term loosely, was very nice. It is funny how everyone hangs out separately. Sabine and I befriended an Australian/Nepalese couple and when they left everyone in the hotel wondered why our group was splitting up. It was hard to convince them that we actually just met at the resort and we had different travel plans.

And now Sabine and I have parted also. She is in Pokhara about to start an 8-day trek, and I'm back in Kathmandu ready to get back to my freelance job. Plus, various stars are aligning and I have many people here that I need to meet. Weird, huh.

Is it wrong that after four days of Nepalese food I want pizza?

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Nilusha Edirisinghe said...


I'm waiting to see some nice pictures! why aren't you publishing some? The Land of Great Himalayas and Mount Everest!It's quite exciting. The pain you had to go through in that dilapidated bus for four days....oh my god! I couldn't stop laughing! I'm so sorry you had to go through that... but its worth the pain ah?..