Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still in Kathmandu

First, I should probably explain the lack of photos. See, I take all my photos in RAW, which basically means that each photo is around 15 MB. To put them on Flickr I edit them and then degrade their quality. I need photoshop for that. So, you won't be seeing any pictures of my travels until I'm back in the States. Sorry, but I refuse to travel with my incredibly heavy laptop.

So I'm still in Kathmandu. I've been working. Well, Sunday I spent the day running errands: basically I ran around to every tour agency that advertises cheap flights and tried to find a cheap ticket back to Delhi. They don't exist. This monsoon deal I was told is clearly over or never existed. I'm taking the bus back. Yes, I realize this is foolish, but it is also 1/3 the cost. Actually, I'm not take "the bus;" I upgraded to an AC bus and 3rd-tier AC train. I've warned the travel agent that I've already been taken advantage of once and I won't stand for it again. If that bus isn't AC, he will see me in his office and I will demand a full refund. I have the number of the tourist police if I need it, though I honestly doubt that will do any good. Luckily, I'm quite good at making a scene when necessary. He has assured me that if there is a roadblock and they know about it before I board the bus, I will receive a refund. I am trying to believe that it isn't possible to be stuck in two, several-day road blocks. I've been told by many people that they are very rare (though the paper has been chronicling one in the east that has been going on for two days).

My little freelance job is almost over. I'm getting paid for a month, even though it has taken me about a week. That said, I have rewritten three websites for this guy, so I thnk he is getting a deal (I'm being paid local wages again). I just work fast. Oh yeah, that was my freelance gig, to rewrite his websites. So instead of trekking or seeing exciting temples, I'm inside writing about it. Funny.

I believe I'll finish today, but probably won't be paid until tomorrow. Then I'm thinking of heading over to Pokhara. Maybe I can find someone to trek with there, but if, not it is supposed to be an interesting town. If it clears up I might even be able to see some big mountains.

Sorry this update isn't very exciting, but I'm sitting in an office these days. That will be over soon and I'll get back to being interesting (or at least seeing interesting things).

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